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Empty or Surplus Cartridges?

London Office Recycle is Collecting

What We Do

We offer a free of charge collection service for surplus and used ink and toner cartridges throughout the UK. We can supply collection boxes if needed, and offer a fast and efficient way of managing your ink and toner waste.

Why Choose Us

Whilst other companies have complicated price structures and rules for returning empty toner and inkjet cartridges, London Office Recycle has the simplest and most recycling focused scheme.


Our collection program enables you to send ALL your printer cartridges back (not just the good ones). This ensures you comply with your own Duty of Care as well as offering you a complete solution. However, recycling isn't the only option for depleted cartridges. They can be sent for remanufacturing or refilling. This saves a huge amount of manufacturing costs, wastage and pollution that comes with throwing out old cartridges.






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